Time Magazine & Zuckerberg can both suck my cock


A few weeks back I first voiced my displeasure with bitch Zuckerberg being named Time’s Person Of The Year.  The fact that this highly regarded desigination was bestowed upon such a supreme child-cock truly appalled me.  As promised in my preceding post (Fagat Zuckerberg), here is the first group of nominees that I think are worthy of being named the Jasonstackhouse.com MAN of the YEAR. 


Feel free to submit your own nominations - Danny Glover



Barack Obama-  I didn’t like Obama when he was running for president (I hated McCain too so dont think I’m some stupid fucking republican that jerks off to fox news).  Mainly because I didn’t think he had enough political experience and I fucking hated how dumb fuck college-cocks rallied behind him without even knowing where he stood on critical issues.  But since coming into to office, my boy Barack has grown on me quite a bit.  I still don’t agree with most of the stimulus package and the shit health care bill he pushed through congress , but he did provide me with 99 straight weeks of paid vacation (thanks taxpayers).  He also bent the CEO of BP over a chair, and ass-fucked 20 billion dollars out of him for the Gulf oil-spill relief fund.

H. Beatty Chadwick- spent 14 years in contempt of court for refusing to reveal the account numbers of his offshore accounts so the courts couldn’t give half of his money to his cunt ex-wife.

Cliff Lee- Almost never do you see anything like this in professional sports anymore.  Lee left around 30 million dollars of guaranteed money on the table and gave the Yankees a big ole’ fuck you when he decided to come back home to Philly. 

Charlie Sheen-The Teflon don of degenerate movie stars.  Mr. Sheen spends his free-time crushing booze, beating wives/hookers, railing lines, and destroying private property,  all while somehow avoiding any significant jail time.  Even with his numerous transgressions regularly exposed by the media, Charlie still manages to shake down CBS for 2 million an episode (I think 2 and 1/2 men fucking blows BTW)

Oprah- for finally ending her stupid fucking talk show; which for too many years, inspiredfooled countless fat bitches into thinking they have equal rights as regular people, can lead meaningful/fulfilling lives, and that they actually contribute to society……….pffft, all fat bitches do is eat, induce nausea if viewed while wearing spandex, and raise health-care costs for the rest of us.  Without Oprah’s constant coddling, fattys’ across the country will be in dire need of some comfort food.

Dick Cheney- he should be included in this discussion every year due to his unwavering love and support of water boarding……anyone that disagrees with water boarding and thinks it is torture, fuck you, you are a pussy, and you are the reason this country is becoming gay as fuck now.  The greatest superpower in the history of man should not take any shit from a bunch of jihadist camel-cocks. 

Montana Fishburne- Father Laurence urged his daughter not to pursue her dream of becoming a porn star and vowed to disown her if she did so.  Thankfully, Montana choose to ignore his demands and signed on with Vivid entertainment.  At first I was confused as to why she would hurt her father by going against his wishes…..Laurence must have been a good dad (I thought he did an excellent job of raising Cuba Gooding Jr. in Boyz in the Hood).  But after viewing her porn debut I knew why; the girl has got some quality fuck skills.  Montana gets my nomination because she fucks like a champ….. and it takes some fucking balls to disobey Morpheius.

Mike Vick-I don’t care that he electrocuted and drowned defenseless dogs.  I also don’t care that Ron Mexico has been sued for allegedly infecting unsuspecting who-bags with the herp.  When he flicks his wrist and the ball goes 70 yards, my dick gets hard. 

Donald Trump-The Donald has had an excellent year of bullying bitches and making power moves. Trump, successfully bought the Mosque down the road from the world trade center, and showed Muslim fundamentalists that their fagot assholes don’t have any love in the big apple. And to add to the power strokes, he also threw his hat in for the 2012 presidential election. Lucky you republicans!! Now that stupid fucking cum dumpster from Alaska can go back to huffing paint, fucking her red neck husband, filming horrible reality TV shows, and ice fishing.  Fuck Sarah Palin, fuck her whore daughter, and fuck her mongoloid son.

The Inventer of Four Loko- Under duress from politicians and various government agencies, the makers of this lovely concoction decided it best to remove all of the stimulates from their once great beverage.  The panty dropper lost it’s punch and will be sorely missed.  Now all that remains is just another fruity fag malt-beverage (Booze+No Uppers=No Fun).  Oh well. at least Four Loko and I had a good run during the short time we spent together.  Thank you for allowing me to relive some past glory from my college days; blackouts, bar fights, and unprotected sex with countless slampigs. 


A preview of Montana’s porn debut

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Fagat Zuckerburg named Time 2010 Person Of The Year…..

-I fucking hate Mark Zuckerburg, always have, always will, I hate him more and more with each passing day.  I hate him so much I would agree to be castrated in exchange for a chance to beat him gouge out his eye and skull-rape his bleeding eye socket.  Why do I hate him so???  Concisely, he stole the idea for Facebook and then lucked himself into billions of dollars when the shit blew up, all while being a fucking nerd-pussy that jerks off while playing magic cards.  He took what seemed to be a noble concept of helping friends reconnect/stay connected and turned it into a direct marketing mega-whore that rapes the privacy of individual users (Google your name and see for yourself, my first search result use to say ”likes to snort blow off of strippers asses ” before I went ahead with the name change) .  Somehow this waste of seminal fluid manages to avoid any backlash for his blatant misappropriation of peoples personal information.  I cant stand how the media continually praises Zuckerburg and  his forced anal-ization of FB into every area of our daily lives, while portraying him as some fucking Nobel-prize worthy humanitarian.   Although I hate FB and  think it is fucking extremely gay, I, like so many countless others am hooked.  I mean, it does prove useful in some facets;  it gives me an open forum to express my views/opinions with friends, enables me to stalk the profiles of hot girlsbarely-legal slutbags in search of bikini pics, and also makes a nice platform for my various cyber-bullying activities.   However, these beneficial aspects are habitually negated by soft-dick Zuckerburg.   Every time I get into a nice comfort zone on “the book” in relation to how the site is laid out and operates, this cocksucker changes shit.  Zuckerburg proclaims that the changes are supposed to make things easier but the “improvements” only result in 1.)an overall more faggoty experience for users who don’t list dicksucker as their primary occupation (Danny Glover Became a Fan of “killing hookers”  looked just dandy in the news feed, now I gotta see this  LIKE bullshit instead)  2) and/or make it easier for Facebook to compile more in depth personal data profiles to sell to third-party direct marketing firms ( I wonder if the constant bombardment of meet sexy singles/drug&alcohol rehab ads has anything to do with my affinity for blowing backs out after a night of heavy boozing?)  Anyway, I could go on hating on Facebook for days but Im off on a fucking tangent again so let me get to the point;  Zuckerburg is a gay pussy.  He sits atop the child-cock Pantheon.  He’s a premature ejaculator.  I really fucking hate him…..and I really didn’t think my hatred of him could run any deeper, until I saw that the socially inept Facebook heiress was named Time Magazine’s Person Of The Yearfor 2010.  PFFFFFFFTTTTTT……..FUCK THAT NOISE.  I am sick of all the undeserved ball-washing that this pussy gets, so I refuse to recognized him as the rightful recipiant of the POTY designation.  Furthermore, I shall not acknowledge any future awards/honors bestowed apon Zuckerbitch, or any other undeserving public figure, by mainstream media outlets from this point forward.  In closing, I am  proud  to announce that we here at JasonStackhouse.com will be nominating our own list of individuals worthy of being named MAN of the YEAR later on this week. Instead of having some sweater-vest wearing child cock editor deciding who wins like they do at TIME magazine, we will hold a vote and let the people decide our  innagural winner. These nominees will be individuals who are true kings of dick sling and had the most profound impact on those of us that continually go hard.

-GET SOME- Danny Glover

Just need to ad this due to the local hating of ur post by a poor scumbag who lives in norwood PA, trying to impersonate a billionaire lol, he probably lives in his parents3-1 and thinks he’s a boss. Next time u try to impersonate a genius of cyber space, who also doubles as a cock clown u should mask, or redirect ur ip ADDRESS. Get Some, wannabe bitch

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Thank You Child-cocks, You’ve gone and fucked it up for the rest of us once again

Ahhhh, It’s happened again.   I really fucking hate when it comes to this, but it is inevitable in our weak-cock society.  I guess at a time like this, you just gotta focus on the good times, and move forward in life.  I’m sure everyone has heard of all the bad publicity that “Four Loko” has been recieving recently; numerous individuals have been hospitalized after enjoying this delicious beverage, it’s been banned on countless college campuses, and a few states have even banned the drink outright.  I didnt think to much of it all, as long as I still could find a place to buy my new favorite ” party-starter ” “panty-dropper”, and  I could care a fuck less if some Tri-Lamb up state had to get his stomach pumped because he was being a big pussy.  But today that all changed.  Under mounting pressure from the FDA, the manufacturer of Four Loko agreed to remove all caffine from it’s product from now on.  Im sure that Gurana and Taurine will soon be removed also.  That basically puts Four Loko in the class of a fruity fucking wine cooler (Arbour Mist anyone?).  Fuck it, I guess I’ll just have to get my alcohol speed-ball fix the old fashion way; either crushing beers and chewing adderall, or redbull-vodka drinks.  I’ll be ok I suppose, but it saddens me deeply when child-cocks ruin a good thing for the rest of us.  I would like to bid a fond farewell to Four Loko, as you now share the same fate as recreational drug use, and drunk driving.  Thank you child cocks, you have fucked us all once again.

     -Danny Glover

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Dear Camel Jockey Terrorists, I Hate All Of You Goat-Fucking Coward-Cocks And Hope You Die….But If You Insist On Trying To Blow Shit Up, At Least Consider PENN-DOT As A Possible Target

 Finally got my  license restoration requirements letter from PENN-DOT.  After two years without a license it looks like it’s gonna cost me at least $2 G’s to be able to legally drive again.  This does not even factor in how expensive my car insurance will now be……I blew a .084, seriously, Fuck you PENN-DOT.

                         COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA         ____   ____
                         DEPARTMENT OF TRANSPORTATION
                          BUREAU OF DRIVER LICENSING
                            HARRISBURG, PA  17123

   ******* ******* *******              DRIVER'S LICENSE NUMBER: ********
   109 ****** DR                        BIRTH DATE:              03/09/**      

   BOOTHWYN PA 19061                                                           

   Dear MR. ******* :                                                          

   This is a RESTORATION REQUIREMENTS LETTER.  It lists what you
   must do to restore your driving privilege.  PLEASE BE AWARE THAT
   by the Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) that your driving
   privilege has been restored.  Only after that may you drive.                

   The date when you are eligible to have your driving privilege restored
   has not been determined.  To determine this ELIGIBILITY DATE, you
   must resolve any issues listed in this letter as DRIVER'S LICENSE
   and/or PRISON RELEASE REQUIREMENT.                                          

   Please read the following information carefully and be sure to
   complete all requirements to have your driving privilege restored.
   Unless another address is indicated, return any documents and/or
   fees to the MAILING ADDRESS listed at the end of this letter.               

   -You must pay a $25.00 restoration fee to PENNDOT.  Write your
    driver's license number (listed above) on the check or money order
    to ensure proper credit.  Your check or money order should be made
    payable to PENNDOT.  Please note:  Paying the restoration fee DOES NOT
    satisfy the requirement to acknowledge your suspension/revocation.
    If you have not acknowledged your suspension/revocation, please
    follow the instructions listed under "Driver's License Return".            

  LICENSE NO. : ********                                      PAGE  2          

   -Within 30 days of your ELIGIBILITY DATE, provide a copy of one of
    the following to PENNDOT to show that all motor vehicles currently
    registered in Pennsylvania in your name are insured:
             *Insurance ID card
             *Declaration page of your insurance policy
             *Insurance Binder
             *An application of insurance to the PA Auto Insurance Plan
    If you do not own a motor vehicle currently registered in Pennsylvania,
    send a signed statement of this fact to PENNDOT which reads "I do
    not own any motor vehicles currently registered in Pennsylvania".
    Please include your name, address, driver's license number and date
    of birth on the statement.                                                 

   -You did not attend or pass a special written point or a driver's
    examination, which will include a test of your vision, knowledge
    and on-road skills.  Please call PENNDOT at 1-800-942-39261-800-942-3926 FREE to
    reschedule your examination.                                               

   -You did not respond to a traffic citation (G0033865) in the following
        800 SPRING GARDEN ST
        PO BOX 56301
        PHILADELPHIA PA 191232690 215-686-1675
    Date of Violation:  04/28/06 Amount Owed:    $175.50
    Contact the court to satisfy the citation.  (If the court information
    does not appear, write or call PENNDOT at the address or phone number
    listed at the end of this letter).                                         

   -You did not respond to a traffic citation (B28791081) in the following
        32242 DISTRICT COURT
        36 E BOONE AVENUE                                                      

        GLENOLDEN PA 19036 610-583-6647
    Date of Violation:  10/06/06 Amount Owed:    $240.00
    Contact the court to satisfy the citation.  (If the court information
    does not appear, write or call PENNDOT at the address or phone number
    listed at the end of this letter).                                         

  LICENSE NO. : ********                                      PAGE  3          

    You are required to have an approved Ignition Interlock System
    installed in your vehicle(s).  Approximately 30 days before
    your ELIGIBILITY DATE, you should contact one of the following
    approved vendors listed below to make arrangements to have the
    System installed. If you do not own a vehicle, you must still
    contact one of the vendors below to have a certificate of
    non-ownership completed.                                                   

    - Consumer Safety Technology, Inc.       - 1-877-777-50201-877-777-5020 FREE
    - KeystoneSmartstart.com                 - 1-800-880-33941-800-880-3394 FREE
    - Interlock Systems of Pennsylvania, Inc.- 1-800-452-17391-800-452-1739 FREE
    - National Interlock, Inc.               - 1-866-342-49841-866-342-4984 FREE
    - Alcohol Detection Systems              - 1-800-786-73941-800-786-7394 FREE
    - PA Interlock, Ultimate Protection, Inc.- 1-866-718-86061-866-718-8606 FREE
    - Draeger Interlock, Inc.                - 1-800-332-68581-800-332-6858 FREE
    - GuardianInterlock.com                  - 1-800-499-09941-800-499-0994 FREE
    - Allegheny County Interlock             - 1-412-931-61071-412-931-6107
    - Dauphin County Interlock               - 1-877-692-42181-877-692-4218 FREE                  

   This letter identified the requirements necessary to restore your
   driving privilege and we are looking forward to working with you to do
   this.  Unless another address was indicated, return any documents and/or
   fees to the MAILING ADDRESS listed below.  Phone numbers are provided
   for your use.  To ensure prompt customer service, please write your
   driver's license number, listed at the beginning of this letter, on all
   documents you send to PENNDOT.  Thank you.                                  

   MAILING ADDRESS:                     INFORMATION  (8:00 AM to 5:00 PM)
   PENNDOT                              IN STATE           1-800-932-46001-800-932-4600 FREE
   Bureau of Driver Licensing           OUT-OF-STATE         717-412-5300717-412-5300
   P.O. Box 68693                       TDD IN STATE       1-800-228-06761-800-228-0676 FREE
   Harrisburg, PA 17106-8693            TDD OUT-OF-STATE     717-412-5380717-412-5380


In No Way Does This Post Suggest, Promote, or Condone Commiting Acts Of Terrorism Against The Pennsylvania Department Of Transportation
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