Shes a Good Chick but I Had to Break Up With Her Cuz Shes a Stalker.

A good chick….that is what most of us are NOT. And those of us that ARE, always apparently turn out to be stalkers. When I say stalker I don’t mean “drug your drink, bash in your car windows ect…” ladies, its terribly shitty but you don’t have to do anything near all that to get the reputation of a stalker. Your lucky if they use the phrase “a good girl, BUT” before they throw out the word stalker, in fact.

The thing that most guys don’t realize is that females (let me state that this is not every female as there are rare exceptions. Exceptions I do encourage you to hold out for) are subconsciously looking for a reason and a way to fuck you over dogie style. And then they wonder why dudes put up this hard exterior all the time. Its called self preservation, ladies, and we are doing it to ourselves. But the point is, females are worse than men by about 11 times. A guy will go fuck some random girl in the backseat of his truck and not think twice about it. A girl will go fuck 5 dudes in the backseat of a truck and think about the next time she can do it. And she will be pleased with herself for being able to have her cake and eat it too, as opposed to a man who will likely feel pretty bad about it all, provided he decided the whole act even merits a second thought. Guys also cheat for different reasons. They cheat because they are scared to hurt the girls feelings and be the ass hole. So yea, they act like little bitches, but its because they are big fat teddy bears on the inside. But guys, you don’t need to be scared because she has been playing you like her grandpappys banjo since day one, so just consider that when you tip toe around her cheating ass’s feelings. That is as good as a fact. ( you also shouldn’t be scared because this is YOUR life and there is absolutely no reason to spend time with someone you don’t want to be around. Your entitled to be self aware and know that you don’t like someone. Regardless of if it hurts feelings, as long as your not being mean about it, your not in the wrong even slightly. If girl makes you feel like your wrong to leave, shes a manipulator and that’s even more reason to bounce.)

I want to say one quick thing to the gentleman out there reading because you truly deserve to know this. The nicer your girls seems….the more of a pro she is. (if you happen to be named THE LUCKIEST GUY ON THE PLANET and you find the one of the few girls in the world that is different, I would hold on realllllly tight to that shit, and completely disregard my previous statement.)

If she seems like the perfect girl and she seems like everything you told her you want in a female over your first date, its because she CHOSE to be what it is you want, purely to distract you from what shes doing on the side. If your blind sighted by perfection you’ll never think or want for that matter to see anything else going on. If you think she couldn’t be cheating because your with her all the time, wrong again. We make time. If you think she couldn’t be cheating because you live together, wrong again. We make place. All you need is time and place and we can easily manage both of those.

Now, to the other side of the female scale….the stalker. The “call you 11 seconds after you drop her off at her door to talk to you all the way home” girl. Technically you cant get a restraining order, but in my opinion stalking is any act that makes you feel as though your personal space has been violated without invitation. If you ask her to touch your junk and she does it, that’s not the same as stalking because you invited her to touch your junk.

Girls….the last thing any smart, self sufficient guy wants is a girl that doesn’t have her own agenda. And if hes not smart or self sufficient, yall might as well skip the dating process all together and jump right into a clingy, gross, disturbing relationship where you both feed off each others emotional intensity and call it love. The quickest way to get rid of a guy is treat him like hes the only thing wonderful that ever lived 10 seconds after you meet. Or loan him money :) :) its important to have your own life, your own situation, your own thoughts and opinions or you just end up fitting into his plan..excuse me but what the fuck is so cool about HIS plan? Why would you expend conscience effort to fit into someone else plan as opposed to creating your own? The only circumstances I have herd of people not cheating is when they haven’t been together long enough to get that far or when they find the one person they don’t have to bend to fit with and then they marry that girl.

So, in conclusion, guys like it when your not a stalker. They like when you give them regular blow jobs and bake them cookies for when they come home from a long day. If you can make them laugh on top of all that, your golden. :) :) oh, and when I say BLOW JOBS, I mean AWESOME blow jobs so take a class if you are not proficient in the art. its nothing to be embarrassed about. A man would rather someone teach you how to be good instead of having to fake the enjoyment every time :) at the end of the day, its all about blow jobs and chocolate chip cookies :)


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