Time to Focus, Bitches.

Goldfish Note: This was a comment I posted in response to one of the first posts on this site, in which Stackhouse discussed a reality of college life, among other things… see the original post at http://jasonstackhouse.com/powerthirst-lol-how-about-snortski-thirst-the-way-the-modern-college-student-throws-down/ I felt the rest of my new reader base should get to see my response. This was also the post that solidified my friendship with a certain brilliant degenerate, who also posts on this blog, so it holds significance to me, personally. Get Some, bitches. <3———-
All I have to contribute to this is the observation that a major percentage of people who were in the 18-35 age bracket way back in the 80s were blowing sick amounts of remarkably pure cocaine. These people (most likely including my parents) who now function as supercilious assholes who forget what they were doing when they were our age, did this 24/7: before work, at work, during lunch, after work, during business negotiations, before sex, after sex, in the club, before the gym. It was a completely normalized aspect of society, especially in the early to mid-80s, when the purity of the yayo was off the charts and the getting was really good from the Columbians. What our generation has suffered, aside from the stigmatization of speed and glorification of shitty weed, is the general decline of quality blow available. In the 80s, coke was top quality, and it was cheap. Supply and demand, fuckers. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, I don’t have time to break it down – go take an Econ 101 class, but I digress… Given the prevalence of scammers and crappy, cut-up coke in circulation, this is where the beauty of Adderall comes in. Pros: clean, focused, alert, coherent high. Cons: may cost up to $5 a pill if you’re a guy (I’m a chick so I always got them for free). How the hell do you think I researched and wrote a 25-30 page final paper for my “Feminism in Political Theory” class my senior year of undergrad? 18 hours of chemically-assisted focus. No suicidal nausea the next day from all the baking soda and baby laxative. Added Bonus: decreased appetite and boosted metabolism. Fuck the fillers, fuck the calorie/carb-laden Red Bull… get serious and pop an addy. And for the record, I got an A on that paper, bitches.
Get Addy-ed, Get Some. <3

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